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Disclosure: All offers contained herein are for "NEW Customers" of L&E Auto Repair, INC. Definition of "NEW Customer" for our purposes is as follows: Any person(s) that does not within the past nine (9) months have a ticket, open or closed with L&E Auto Service, INC located at 2508 Cone Dr, Birmingham, AL 35217. Sales / Special is limited to "most cars" as determined by L&E Auto Repair, INC. OIL Changes & Fluid Winterizations are performed with top grade fluids and premium  conventional oil. We have high performance fluids and synthetic oil in stock, but it cost extra. Special includes up to one gallon of antifreeze with 10% off belts, hoses, headlights, and brakelights (subject to change.) The term "rotate and balance" refers to the rotation and balance of all four tires on a given vehicle. The 10% Off Parts offer is only for NEW PARTS purchased from L&E Auto Repair, INC for discrepencies found during the INSPECTION process and at the time of and to be installed during the scheduled winterization of your vehicle only. Changes may be made to any and/or all offers contained herein by L&E Auto Service, INC at anytime without Notice. Offer(s) expire November 30th, 2015 unless otherwise stated.
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(205) 849-7361
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Flush & Fill Coolant System
* Brakes
* Suspension & Steering
* Tires
* Undercarriage Integrity
* Battery
* Headlights & Brakelights
Detailed Inspection of:
* Windshield Wipers
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